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One Stop Solution via BNI Call 1500046

In line with mission of BNI to provide excellent services and digital value-added solutions toall customers as the preferred partner, BNI Call 1500046 continues to strive to provide the bestservice to our customer that fast, easy and can be accessed anywhere.

BNI’s Contact Center commitment continuously improve the quality of service for customers wasrealized through quality of service by obtaining ISO 9001:2015, recieved the best award inExcellent Services and also awards in domestic and international Contact Center competitions.

Through BNI Call 1500046, customers are provided the convenience of getting information,conducting transactions and obtaining digital solutions for any problem both banking and creditcard services.

BNI Call 1500046 services can be accessed 24/7 and will be conveniently served by BNI CallOfficer (BCO) or Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Social Media Services and Digital Services.

Now comes BNI Call Virtual Assistant, easily download at Play Store or App Store. BNI CallVirtual Assistant is a voice command-based application that have artificial intelligence (AI)technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine. By Using internet this aplication canbe accessed anywhere, domestically and abroad. BNI Call Virtual Assistant provides a brand newexperience and easy solution for getting information, handling complaints and transactions.

Access to BNI Call 1500046 :


Access from all regions of Indonesia

PSTN phone (Fixed Phone)
Celuller phone ( Mobile Phone)
1500046 (without region code)
1500046 (without region code)
Local rates Celluler service provider rates
Celluler service provider rates

Access from abroad

Fixed Phone / Mobile Phone30500046 According to service provider rates of each country



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BNI Call Virtual Assistant for inquiry and transaction, download at Play Store/App Store

Live Chat for inquiry, dapat diakses melalui

1. Mobile Banking, fitur Chat Us

2. WA Business dengan nomor 08115881946

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