BNI SMS Notification

In improving services to customers as well as account security and making it easier for customers to obtain information about their banking transactions, BNI provides service facility, namely SMS Notification Service, which is a notification of information to customers via SMS to the registered mobile number regarding debit/credit transactions.

Customer is a holder of BNI Taplus/BNI Giro IDR Individual account.

Debit transaction is cash withdrawal, debit transfer via Teller, autodebit, ATM, Internet Banking, debit transaction reversal, outgoing RTGS, billing payment via Teller and e-channel.

Credit transaction is deposit, credit transfer, auto credit, credit transaction reversal and incoming RTGS.

For the use of this SMS Notification Service facility, customer is not charged a transaction fee. The credit fee arise will be charged to the customer’s mobile phone registered.

The amount of credit charge incurred to customer is adjusted to the rate set by each telecommunication provider by referring to SMS Banking Service Cooperation Agreement with the respective telecommunication provider.

List of rate may be changed at any time according to SMS Banking Service Cooperation Agreement with the respective telco provider.

FeeTelkomselIndosatOther Telco
Receiving SMSTransaction :
  • Non-financial = Rp 600.- to Rp 660.-
  • Financial = Rp 1,200.- to Rp 1,320.-
Rp 715.-Rp 550.-/transaction