BNI Fleksi Pensiun

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BNI Fleksi Pensiun

Make a more beautiful and calm retirement happen with BNI Fleksi Pensiun, a pension loan facility from BNI for all your needs, special for prospective retired for ASN employees, TNI/POLRI, and employees at selected BUMN/BUMD institutions and retired participants from PT. Taspen (Persero), PT. Asabri (Persero) and institutions/pension institutions that have collaborated.

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Attractive features.
  • Maximum credit loan of up to 500 million.
  • Loan term of up to 15 years.
  • Participant’s maximum age by the time the loan is paid off is 75 years.
Document TypePensionerProspective Pensioner
Copy of the Applicant's ID Card
Copy of checking/savings account of Fixed Income for the last 3 months (applies to payroll payments that have not been paid via BNI or if received in cash/non-bank)
Original Monthly Salary Slip (or Pension Benefit)/Other Proof of Income
Copy of Personal NPWP
Copy of RC loan/affiliate account for the last 6 (six) months *)
Copy of the last decree of Regular Salary Increase (KGB) **)
Original Decree of the Applicant’s employment assignment
Original of the last Decree of the Applicant’s active emplosent status
Original of Pension Decree ***)
Latest self-photograph
Proof of office transfer administration of pension benefit payment (for applicants whose pension benefit payment is not yet via BNI)
SPP/FPP and SP3R Form
Fixed Income estimation document
*)Special for BNI Fleksi Pensiun–Take Over.
**)To calculate the applicant's estimated pension benefit manually.
***)Special for prospective pensioners, it is submitted after entering retirement period.
BNI Fleksi Pensiun


InterestParticipating in the existing BNI Fleksi Pensiun Program.
Maximum LoanMinimum of Rp 5 Million and maximum of Rp 500 Million.
Administration FeeRp 150,000.- or can use the applicable program fees.
Provision1% eenmaligh of maximum loan or can use the applicable program fees.