Investment Products

  • Bond Investment
  • Depo Swap
  • Market Linked - Dual Currency Investment (ML-DCI)


Bond is IOU that can be traded, issued by government or by a Company. Customers can buy and sell bonds issued by Indonesian issuers, among others :

  1. Government Bonds
    1. Are securities issued by the Indonesia government.
    2. Nominal minimum transaction of Rp 100 million or USD 50,000.
    3. Series of FR, VR, SPN, SPN Syariah, Sukuk, Indonesia Sovereign Bonds.

  2. Retail Bonds
    1. Are retail securities issued by the Indonesian government.
    2. Nominal minimum transaction of Rp 1 million.
    3. ORI, Sukuk Ritel.

  3. Company Bonds
    1. Are securities issued by Companies in Indonesia.
    2. Nominal minimum transaction of Rp 1 billion or USD 100,000.


  • Investment options for customers with attractive interest rates or bond coupons compared to conventional deposits.
  • Can be sold at any time according to customer needs.
  • There is a possibility of obtaining capital gains if a customer sells bonds above the previous purchase price.


Depo swap is an investment product in foreign currencies which is a combination of FX Swap products and deposits.


  • Available in USD and SGD.
  • Provides higher yields than conventional deposit products, with relatively low risk.
  • Transactions are accompanied by protection of principal currency of origin being transacted (principal protected).


ML-DCI is a structured product which is a combination of foreign exchange savings products and FX Options.

Foreign currency deposit held by a customer will be linked to movements in the foreign exchange rates with other specified foreign currencies. The second movement of the foreign exchange rates will determine the foreign currency denomination the customer receives when due, as well as the potential profit/loss that the customer will receive. Therefore ML-DCI does not guarantee a fixed principal return in the initial investment foreign currency at maturity.


  • Provides a higher investment return potential compared to conventional deposit rates.
  • Customer obtains written information on product development and product performance information.
  • Provides higher yields compared to conventional deposit products.