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BNI Instan is a credit guaranteed by Time Deposit/Current Account/Savings issued by BNI or guaranteed by ORI purchased by a Customer at BNI/another Bank/securities Company as a selling agent and kept in a Sub Registry according to the provisions.

  • BNI Instan Rupiah guaranteed with Rupiah Deposit.
  • BNI Instan USD guaranteed with USD Deposits.
  • BNI Instan guaranteed with ORI.

Credit Features


Credit Beneficiary

Individual Customer.

Maximum Credit

Maximum 90% of the nominal Deposit pledged.

Interest Rate

  • 2% above the deposit interest rate pledged.
  • 3% above the ORI coupon.

Credit Term

Maximum up to 60 months*. *)
Valid for BNI Instant with Rupiah Deposit guarantee in the form of Aflopend credit.

Credit Application

At the BNI Branch where the Deposit account is opened.

*) Principal installment is paid at once when due, while interest installments are paid every month.
**) Principal and interest installments are paid every month until maturity.

  • Credit process is fast and terms are easy.
  • Maximum credit if 90% of the nominal Savings pledged.
  • Flexible payment method options.
  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI).
  • Photocopy of KTP.
  • Photocopy of NPWP.
  • Photocopy of Family Card.
  • Ownership proof* of Savings Account/Term Deposit/Current Account.
  • Ownership proof* of ORI.

*) Depends on the Guarantee Type.


= 6 months0,5% eenmaligh of maximum credit.
> 6 months1% eenmaligh of maximum credit.
Administration FeeMinimum Rp 100,000.-.

BNI Instan Simulation